Marketing in India

About me

I’ve been in the work grind for over 10 years now but one thing has always been there- my love for the written word. In every aspect of my life I have sought out writing and have spent over 10 years writing on food, fashion, beauty, film, marketing and more.

As a woman leader, my hope is to put out information and detail experiences and tips that I’ve picked up at work to help others. While it is hard to be a business woman in India, with perseverance and by navigating the system correctly it can be done without sacrificing one’s values. Marketing in hospitality and running a marketing agency can be time taking but if you have aspirations and stick to them, you can do more and be more, which is something I hope to accomplish by sharing my writing with the world at large.

Being a member of the hospitality community, I’ve had the chance to go to some of the top places to eat and have always wanted to share my restaurant reviews but was not able to, so another aspect I cover here is my love for all things epicurean.  

I sometimes dress up at weddings

My masters in film didn’t lead me to becoming a movie reviewer but with this blog I also hope to impart some of my views on pop culture and share my movie reviews, song reviews, Netflix reviews and more. Additionally, I’m a lover of fashion and beauty and have spent time discovering some great brands which I want to cover here- with beauty tips, skin care tips and more- also highlighting women entrepreneurs.

Besides that this is my place to just share my thoughts on well, EVERYTHING. I do hope some of you find it helpful. Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment for me!